Welcome to the new OKTAGON TV!

    • We have prepared one more amazing surprise for you at the end of the year - and that is the new OKTAGON TV! We firmly believe that you will enjoy it.
    • Complete video archive in one place
  • What can the new OKTAGON TV do?

    1. Most importantly, it allows you to purchase PPVs of OKTAGON tournaments and our partner's tournaments.
    2. Here you will find a complete video archive of all tournaments, matches and shows from the moment OKTAGON was born until now.
    3. You can also get our subscription, thanks to which you will watch live streams of all the leading tournaments from the combat sports scene for FREE. Plus, you'll always be the first to see the new videos and the matches just 2 days after the tournament, all without ads. For more information HERE.
  • What can't the new OKTAGON TV do?

    1. Login you to your account from the old site oktagon.tv. So you need to create a new account for the new OKTAGON TV.
    2. Start PPVs already purchased on the original website oktagon.tv. If you bought the PPV using this method, please go to the original page oktagon.tv.